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Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration for your Carpet

Burst pipes, poor drainage, and clogged rain gutters can lead to a flooded home or business. Carpet water damage leads to mold, mildew, a horrible odor, and other problems in your home. In most cases, getting your carpet and other surfaces back to their former condition will be difficult without the help of professionals like Pure Clean.

The damaged carpeting leads to mold growth that can grow rampant. The standing water in the fibers of the carpet creates the perfect environment for the mold to spread in your home. Professional water damage restoration will provide perfect mold remediation and water removal.

Trained professionals use advanced equipment, including wet-dry vacuums, to save your carpet and prevent carpet mold. Depending on your provider, your insurance company may pay for the water damage restoration services. Calling Pure Clean for your water restoration services will get your home or office completely dry and back to how it is intended to be.

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What We Do

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We assess the Damage

Step 2:

We Restore Your Carpet

Step 3:

You Enjoy Fresh Flooring!

Cleaning: What is the best way to dry carpet?

The best way to dry carpet after cleaning is to encourage low humidity and good airflow. We use professional equipment to lower the humidity and increase airflow in the home in order to dry the carpet as quickly as possible. Things like fans, air blowers, and dehumidifiers. I don't advise opening windows during a water damage restoration service. This brings humidity from the outside to inside the home and will prolong if not stall the drying process.

Do not neglect the drying process. It's important to remove moisture to prevent mold.

What do I do when I spill water on my carpet?

When you spill something, the liquid or residue from the spill sinks down into the fibers of the carpet. If you rub and scrub, you will push the tiny particles into the fibers. Do not scrub! Soak up the residue with a towel or cloth to absorb the spill.

How to get rid of the wet carpet smell?

To avoid potentially leading to bigger issues, contact Pure Clean so that we can assess the situation. Most of the time if the carpet smells damp or wet it is because the carpet is wet. It is best to contact us as soon as you notice the smell to prevent further damage and the growth of mold and mildew in your carpet. 

How to get rid of water in my basement carpet?

Use a wet-dry vacuum and pump to remove as much water as possible. This process will take time; it depends on the amount of water. If left, the standing water will cause harmful mold and mildew. Make sure that all water is removed.

We provide professional water restoration services.
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What do I do when I spill a lot of water on my carpet?

You should remove spills and water from your carpet as soon as possible. Mold will begin to build up and cause problems within 48 hours of the spill.

Just use a cloth to soak up the water. Avoid scrubbing the carpet. If you scrub, the fibers of the carpet will absorb the water.

What is carpet wicking?

Carpet wicking is when a spill you previously cleaned reappears in the carpet. After cleaning a spill, some of the liquid will absorb into the fibers of the carpet.

As fibers absorb a spill, the particles emerge back at the end of the fiber. This makes it look as though spills came back after cleaning. If this happens, you should reclean, making sure to get all of the liquid out of the carpet.

For the best results, contact Pure Clean and we can assess the situation and provide a professional solution to your problem.

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