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Car Cleaning
Most likely, you, your friends, and your family spend much more time in your car than you realize. Shoes, people, pets, bags, and more track in things from outside to the seats and floors of your car every day. Get everything from a car wax to a complete car detail. 

Boat Cleaning
Because of the constant interaction with water, boats can easily be a breeding ground for mold. Boats are an investment and need consistent care to fight mold, mildew, and other harmful elements.  From a boat wash on the outside to cleaning the interior, it can become a time-consuming task to take care of your boat. 

RV Cleaning
Cleaning an RV is like mixing a house deep clean with a car wash. The job takes window cleaner and coats of wax on the outside with carpet cleaner and leather conditioner on the inside. Trusting a team of professionals can save you time and money when taking care of your RV.

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Is it okay to use a car wash on a boat?

Cars and boats interact with different environments, but in general, there isn't a difference in washing the exterior of your boat or car.

Some cleaning solutions are meant specifically for boats. For example, a car does not have to deal with moss, algae, or other elements in lake or beach water. The different circumstances call for different supplies, like boat cleaner.

You can use a manual car wash. For extra shine, use a cleaner that provides a gel coat for your vehicle.

What does detailing a car involve?

Detailing a car is deep cleaning the vehicle inside and out—from the center console to the cupholders. Microfiber towels can be perfect for detailing the outside of the vehicle.

What cleaning products should be used to clean a car?

When cleaning a vehicle, use the following products:
  • Soap or car wash liquids
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Interior cleaners like wet wipes
  • Water and vinegar mixture

If you don't want to spend the time it takes to clean your vehicle, you can have a professional detail your car, inside and out.

What is the best and quickest way to wash a car?

For the fastest car cleaning, visit a car wash. Most car washes offer a free vacuum with a wash. Take advantage of the free vacuuming options offered at most car washes. Be sure to clean the steering wheel and windows with a window cleaner.

If you want to wash your vehicle by hand, use soap, a hose, and scrub with a microfiber cloth.

For cleaning the interior of your vehicle, save time and call a professional cleaner for detailing.

Have issues with mold in the carpet on a boat?

Water spots that sit in the carpet for an extended period of time can lead to unwanted mold on your boat. Letting the mold sit can result in damage to your boat's carpet. The mold can also spread, and lead to more problems in the future.

We are happy to recommend a mold restoration company that we know and trust to handle these types of jobs for you.

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